International SMS, shortcodes, voicemail not working.

Most features within Instant Customer work internationally just as they do in the United States. However some features work differently, or do not work internationally.

For a complete guide to International Features, please see the International FAQ.

Features that do not work internationally:

  • Shortcodes.
  • Direct-to-voicemail messages.
  • Special characters and letters with accent marks in campaign names and SMS messages.
  • Call forwarding.

These features do not work in Canada.

Features that work differently internationally:

  • Shared longcodes for SMS. 
Your campaign's individual phone number is used only for phone subscription. Campaign's individual international phone numbers cannot send or receive SMS. International SMS must use one of our shared longcode phone numbers in conjunction with a keyword. See the Keyword FAQ for more details on keyword usage. For a list of the shared longcodes, please see the International FAQ.

  • Subscribers must include country code when subscribing other than via SMS/phone, e.g. web form or lead page.
This section does not apply to Canada. Canadian phone numbers can send and receive SMS, and do not require a country code when subscribing.

Using Instant Customer in an unsupported country.

You can use Instant Customer, even if your country is unsupported and not listed in our International FAQ. Email, websites, and web forms still work.

The main issue for unsupported countries is SMS. SMS works in most, but not all, unsupported countries. We cannot guarantee SMS deliverability in unsupported countries.

You cannot acquire a local phone number. Instead, use a US number to hold your keyword, per the Keyword FAQ.

Testing SMS deliverability:

1. Text the phrase "C77872" (without spaces, without quotes) to any one of our international shared SMS numbers:

  • Australia                +61429883462
  • United Kingdom    +447624803816
  • Sweden                +46737494551
  • Switzerland           +41798070078

2. You will receive a text message response that says "Congratulations, your test is successful."

3. Check the number you received our response from:

  • If the number is one of the four international numbers listed above, write it down: That's the number you'll be using to send and receive SMS messages.
  • If the number isn't one of the above, then people can subscribe via SMS, and receive broadcasts from you, but interactive SMS will not work.
  • If no response is received, check your message and try again. If still no response is received, we cannot reach that carrier with SMS.

Note: In unsupported countries, different carriers may have different results, including receiving responses from different numbers.


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  • Avatar
    Andrea Schmitz

    Is this still the state of affairs?

    I cannot send a voice message via the IC system to a phone number in Canada? 

  • Avatar
    David IC

    Direct to voicemail delivery is not supported by Canadian carriers, so we cannot offer that feature in Canada.

  • Avatar
    Raymond Lieu

    Hi, are the Canadian long phone numbers shared? They are only used by the one who gets it, correct? Thanks

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