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QR Code Basics

QR codes are just a method of encoding text in a picture. When a QR reader reader scans a QR code, it translates the picture into text. The text could be anything: A poem, a URL, or certain types of specialized text.

Certain types of text, when recognized by your QR reader, will trigger certain actions. For example, if your QR reader sees "HTTP:" it'll pass the text to your web browser. If it sees "SMSTO:" the reader will pass the text to your SMS application. 

Think of QR codes as a way to skip having to type in a long URL or mobile number.


How do I make a QR code in Instant Customer?

Our QR code generator is found in your campaign, under the Links tab.


Enter a name for your QR code, select what type of QR code you want, and fill in the appropriate information,  save it, and test it.


Why isn't my QR code isn't collecting subscribers phone numbers?

QR codes can't "collect" anything. A QR code is just a string of text you've encoded into a picture. The QR code doesn't know it's being read by a phone, or a computer, or a webapp. QR codes can't "ask" devices anything. All QR codes can do is pass along text. 


How do I get information from my subscribers using QR codes?

Have the QR code send your subscribers to one of your intake methods so they can give more information. Various intake methods have advantages and disadvantages.

  • SMS intake has the advantage that as soon as they send the SMS, you've got their phone number. Your SMS autoresponder can then pump them for more information.
  • Having the QR code direct subscribers to your Lead Page has the advantage that they can input all their information at once. The downside is operating a website on a mobile phone is tedious, but you can mitigate that by creating a mobile-only website containing only a Web Form.


How can I make a custom QR code?

If you'd like a QR code other than the types you can create in Instant Customer, you can use an external QR code generator. I use this one:


I have a custom domain, but my QR code still points to my Go page!

The QR code on your campaign's details page always points to your Go page. If you'd like to make a QR code that will point at your domain, you can use an external QR generator, like this one:


Can I have more than one QR code per campaign?

YES.  In fact this is a good way for you to know what marketing channels are working best for you. You can put a different code in different locations. maybe one is print, one is on a brochure, one is a direct mail piece.  This way you'll be able to measure the success of a channel by the number of people responding. 


Happy collecting!

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  • Avatar
    David Bowland

    under links/qr it only lets me enter an url.  you mention you can have a qr for texting.  how do i get a qr for texting in a campaign?

  • Avatar
    David IC

    You need to go into your campaign and use the links tab there, rather than the Links tab in the dashboard.

  • Avatar
    Matthew Miller

    Where can I download a larger QR code for my file. I can only seem to download the very small thumbnail.

  • Avatar
    David IC

    Matthew: Click on the tiny thumbnail, and it'll give you the option of downloading larger versions.

  • Avatar
    Brad Moon

    Is there a specific syntax when entering a custom number into the Instant Customer QR code generator?

    i.e. does the system require a country code and hyphens or will area code, exchange, and subscriber number strung together work? AAABBBCCCC

  • Avatar
    David IC

    A string of numbers is fine. e.g. 16048002756 is valid, there's no need for dashes or parenthesis.

    If you're trying to have them dial internationally you'll need everything required to dial internationally: International dialing code (+ or 011 or your local equivalent), country code, and phone number.

  • Avatar
    Kristin Moore

    Is there a charge for someone scanning the QR Code short link?  I notice it tracks how many scans there have been but I can't find information about charges (in points) if any.

  • Avatar
    Tony IC

    There is no charge for QR code scans either for you or your subscriber! We allow the tracking of scans so you can rate the performance of your QR codes.

  • Avatar
    Shane Randall

    How do you upload QR code into a flyer that you have created using instant builder?

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