Red dots for SMS and email

My subscribers have red dots for their SMS and email, will they get their messages?

If you want to check if your subscribers are receiving their messages, click on the white gear icon next to the subscriber's name. That will take you to the subscriber's activity log, where you can look for "SMS Success" or "Email success" messages.


If the SMS dot is red, it means the subscriber hasn't replied agree to the opt-in SMS message. Subscribers with red dots will not receive SMS messages until they reply agree to the opt-in SMS.
Phone company rules require SMS marketing to be double opt-in. That means the subscriber has to sign up for your list once (for example, through your lead page) then verify their ownership of the handset by replying "Agree" to an opt-in SMS.


If you haven't turned on double opt-in for email, you can safely ignore the red email dots. Subscribers with red dots are receiving email.
It's confusing, but I'll explain: If you haven't turned on double opt-in for email, you don't need to worry about the red dots in the email column. By default, those dots don't refer to anything.
If you turn on double opt-in for email, those dots will turn green when the subscriber clicks through on their email opt-in. If you've turned on double opt-in (by default double opt-in for email is off), then green dots mean the subscriber is receiving email, and the red dots mean they aren't.

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