My email autoresponder has the wrong address, how do I change it?

The address in my email is wrong, where do I change it?

Some autoresponders use two sets of tags:

  1. The {owner_} tags use the campaign owner's information, which is found in Campaign> Edit> Campaign Details> Name & Owner. These tags are specific to this particular campaign.
  2. The {company_} and {postal_} tags use the account holder's information, which is found in Profile & Preferences, available by clicking your name in the upper right hand corner. The information in Profile & Preferences is used by all {company_} and {postal_} tags in all campaigns in the account, so if you change the contents of your profile, it will affect all of your campaigns that use those tags.

If you want to just change this campaign, you have two options:

  • You can enter the correct address into each autoresponder manually.
  • You can create a custom static tag in this campaign, and use it instead of the {postal_} tags; e.g. {owner_address}, {owner_city}. Custom static tags can be created in Campaign> Edit> Customize. For more information on how to use tags, watch this instructional video:

In this example autoresponder, the campaign specific tags are indicated with red arrows, and the account wide tags have blue arrows.

No, I want to change the address at the very bottom of the email.

The CAN-SPAM address also draws from the account owner's address in Profile & Preferences, but it can be changed independently in Campaign> Edit> Opt-in Channels> Email.
Remember, if this address is not valid, you may be liable for fines of $16,000 per email sent under the CAN-SPAM Act. If your list is 100 people, that's $1.6M in possible fines. Now you see why we're so careful about list import.

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