How do I broadcast an email message or sms to a list?

There are two ways to begin the process of sending a broadcast. 

1. Click the Broadcast button at the top of the home screen.

2. Select the Campaign you wish to broadcast to and broadcast from within the campaign. 

For single sends that will not be sent to multiple campaigns you can use the broadcast button. If you want an email broadcast to be sent to several places it is best practice to set this up in EACH campaign you wish to send to. This will ensure that the from email address is correct for the individual campaign.

To use the Broadcast Button:

  • Click on Broadcast
  • Select the type of broadcast, Email, SMS, Voicemail, Postcard
  • Follow the directions for each type of broadcast
  • Select the receipients (by selecting the campaign)
  • Click save and it will send.

For SMS in Detail

  • Click on the SMS Icon with the green + sign
  • Enter the message you wish to send
  • Decide if you want to allow replies
  • Select the recipients by choosing the campaign
  • Click Save and it will send!

For Email follow the same process. However when sending to multiple campaigns the email address will become the default for the account. For this reason set up a Broadcast Email from within a Specific Campaign to ensure that the correct reply to email is listed.

Have fun! keep sending!

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