How do I Import my list into Instant Customer ?

Instant Customer has recently approved list import providing you follow these simple steps:

  1. Submit a request via support ticket that includes a scanned and notarized affidavit stating who owns the list, how the leads were obtained, how old is the list and that you will adhere to all federal and state regulation regarding the correct communication to your subscribers.
    end back a scanned version of the completed affidavit by attaching it to your support ticket.
    >>> Download our affidavit form here   
  2. Once approved you will need to forward your list to support in a CSV formart. Please note phone numbers will not be imported so if you would like remove them from the list before submitting.
  3. Finally, once your list is imported you will be required to send out a confirmation email to verify their opt-in.

Due to carrier restrictions on SMS marketing, phone numbers cannot be imported.

Any questions please let us know.

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