Can I attach a pdf to an email?

No, you need to embed a link to your pdf into your email. (Currently the only supported attachment is an .ics file; this is a setting available only when you have a scheduled event.)

1) Put your pdf into an online folder with Read rights for Everyone.

If you do not have an online folder, you can upload the files to your Instant Customer Media Center.

2) Using an html version of the email, enter the text that you want the user to click. Highlight that text and turn it into a link to the pdf by clicking the Link Icon in the html editor and entering the url of the pdf in the Properties.

2a) If you do not want to use a hyperlink, just copy/paste the full url into the email.

When the user receives the email and clicks the link, it will either open in their browser or trigger a download, depending on their settings.

Rick Dilliott
Sr. Support Mgr.
Instant Customer

[Article last updated 12/29/11]

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