How to embed a video in an email?

Currently you would embed a link to your video into an email. An email client such as Gmail will play this directly inside the email (especially if the video is hosted on youtube), but most other clients will not. Here is our recommendation:

1) Put your video and a screenshot image of the video into an online folder with Read rights for Everyone. 

If you do not have an online folder, you can upload the files to your Instant Customer Media Center.

2) Create an html version of your email.

3) Place the screenshot image in the email using the Image Icon in the html editor and entering the url of the image in the Properties.

4) Highlight the image and turn it into a link to the video by clicking the Link Icon in the html editor and entering the url of the video in the Properties.

When people receive the email and click the image, it should trigger the player the user has linked to that file type.

[Article last update 1/28/12]

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