Determine Subscribers Opt-In Methods

How does Instant Customer determine a Subscribers opt-in method?


Webform = IP Address

  • If opting in on webform Instant Customer uses IP address to gather information such as location, time, and thebri time zone for the subscriber.
  • The exception to this rule is if Kiosk mode is ON.  The IP address is not recorded and a best determination of the time zone based on the information the subscriber provides to us. If you ask for a phone number we will try to determine metro area. Metro area is based off the area code, and we can set TImezone based off this.  If neither of these are available the system reverts to default and sets the time zone of the subscriber to that of the account holder.

SMS = Phone Number

  • If someone is subscribing by SMS the only way we can do it, is from the phone number / metro area. 

Voice = Phone Number

Email = Email Address

Manually added by Admin = manually input subscriber information

API = usually via a Zapier 



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