Google Analytics - IB v3.0

Google Analytics - IB v3.0

Enter Tracking ID

  • Find the tracking code snippet for your property.
  • Sign in to your Google Analytics account, and click Admin in the top menu bar. From the Account and Property columns, select the property you’re working with.
  • Click Tracking Info / Tracking Code.  2014-10-20_1017.png
  • Click to expand this image and see where these options appear in the interface.
  • Find your Tracking ID.



  • Enter the Tracking ID into the SEO / HeaderGoogle Analytics ID: field found on the Analytics tab.



  • There is no need to enter the JavaScript on the Additional Scripts tab as Instant Customer generates this code for you based on the Tracking ID.


Check your set up.

bulb_dim.png  Please Note:  It can take up to 24 hours for the Google Analytics servers to update after you make a change to your tracking code, so if you’ve recently completed or changed your set up, wait before you check to see if it’s working.

  • The easiet way to check your setup is to open the page the tracking code was created for and check your Real-Time reports.
  • Go to Reporting > Real-Time reports > Overview.  You should see at least one Active user on site.


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