Wrong Phone Number - Can I change it?

Wrong Phone Number - Can I change it?

Once you obtain a number, you own it!

Points are automatically deducted, and that phone number is assigned to your account.

If you give us the number you mistakenly assigned (not utilized via SMS Messaging etc.), we can, usually, replenish any points deducted as a one-time courtesy.  

You can prevent future billing on this number by deleting it from your account by:

1 .  If applicable, remove the phone number from a campaign:

  • Go to Campaign > EditOpt-in Channels SMS / Voice tab
  • Number assigned to this campaign:  Click the Remove button


2.  Delete Phone Number (Top Of Screen > Manage)

  • From the Manage area at top of the screen.
  • Select Phone Numbers  
  • Hover over the number you wish to remove.
  • An Edit and Delete button appear.
  • Click the Delete button.


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