AEMM2: Instant Publishing Machine

AEMM2-IB3: Instant Publishing Machine

If your product is a book, the easiest way to set up a receipt scraper campaign is to use the AEMM2-IB3: Instant Publishing Machine template.

After you've published your first e-book and set up your author page on Amazon, it's time to market your book by setting up your one-page selling machine. Use this template to set up a simple, single page book selling website

Why do you need a 1-Page Book Selling Machine? 

While you have already set up a robust ubiquity footprint, created an expert a page, and even optimized your Amazon author page, know that this is not enough to successfully reach a wide audience and sell your book. What you need is an Instant Publishing Machine: a website with a custom domain, created exclusively for your book, separate from your expert site or any of your other sites. This site serves three core functions: 

  • Now with Responsive IB3 Web Pages!
  • It Promotes Your Book
  • It Builds Your List
  • It Gives out Bonuses

A receipt scraper campaign uses Instant Customer's receipt subscription method to offer bonus material to people who purchase your product.  If your product is a book, the easiest way to set up a receipt scraper campaign is to use the AEMM2-IB3: Instant Publishing Machine template. 

Enable Email Receipt Validation Passphrase 

  • The receipt validation passphrase is setup on the Opt-In Channels > Email tab > turn On Enable subscribe by email.

What is receipt validation? 

  • Receipt validation is used to offer bonus materials to people who purchase your book (or other products).
  • It works by allowing people to Forward the email an original receipt from their purchase to your campaign.
  • The system checks the receipt for a passphrase, and if it finds it, the subscriber is added to your campaign. You would set up your campaign autoresponder to deliver the bonus material. 

Setup Email validation passphrase

  • The email validation passphrase is a phrase that you know appears in email receipts for your book (or other product), for example, your book title, author name, ISBN, product ID etc.
  • If you do not include a passphrase, anyone who emails signs up for the campaign.


bulb_dim.png  Please note:  You must advise your customers to subscribe to this campaign by forwarding their ORIGINAL email receipt (no screenshots or pdfs) to: The system checks the receipt to see if it contains the passphrase, and if it can't find it, rejects the email.


  • The best bonuses are digital goods, because they have no incremental cost to you and you can easily create an autoresponder to deliver a link to the digital bonus (a PDF file for example).
  • However if you're selling a higher ticket item, you can offer physical goods.
  • Example bonus giveaways include:
  • A digital copy of the book
  • Previous books
  • Chapters of upcoming or new books
  • Behind the scenes audio ro video interviews
  • Unreleased or cut chapters
  • Interviews
  • Short stories
  • White Papers
  • PDF

How to set up the receipt scraper

  1. Find a phrase or string of digits that will be in the receipt for your product. For a book it could be the ISBN. It can be anything you find in the receipt, such as "Thanks for your order" or the name of your product.
  2. Go to Campaign> Edit> Opt-in Channels> Email
  3. Turn On Enable subscribe by email.
  4. Enter a email address. This is the email address to which people will forward their receipt. Example:
  5. Enter the Receipt Validation Passphrase you found in step 1. If you leave this blank, anyone sending an email will be subscribed to the campaign.
  6. Save and Exit. Setup an Autoresponder to deliver the bonus material. 
  7. Test by sending an email with the passphrase to verify subscription works.



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