Notification types

Notification types

  • New subscribers:  Any time a new subscriber joins your campaign.
  • Replies:  If you have an autoresponder or broadcast set up to forward replies to you, those messages will go to notification addresses with this checked. 


  • Bounces:  If an email autoresponder or broadcast is returned as undeliverable due to an invalid email address, this setting will notify you.
  • Hang-ups:  If someone calls in to your campaign, but hangs up does not leave a message, this setting will notify you.
  • Hot leads:  Users who take an additional step to show interest. Currently only completing an event triggers the hot lead notification.
  • Attach audio:  If someone leaves a message after calling in to your campaign, this setting will attach the message.
  • Subscriber updated:  Notifies you when a subscriber's record is updated. Includes submitting a phone number on the Thank You page, edits using the edit link at the bottom of emails, and SMS responses that populate a subscriber field.
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