Raffle - How to

Raffle - How to

How do I run a raffle?

Go to your campaign's Subscribers tab.
Click Raffle.

Enter your settings
Click Process Raffle.

Click Select Winners.

You will be shown a list of raffle winners.

From the Raffle Winners screen you can:

  1. Export the list of raffle winners
  2. Notify the winners

I suggest notifying the winners manually, because the built-in notifications are generic and are not user-modifiable.

The notifications, should you decide to use them, are as follows:

SMS notification:
Hello {FirstName}, you've won 1st place

Email notification:
Raffle Winner Notification - {Campaign} campaign
Dear {FirstName},
Congratulation, You placed:1st!
We will contact you with more details.
Thanks -

Notifications will go out to whichever fields you chose to view in the "3. Enter your settings" step. For example if you only chose SMS, the default notification will only go out via SMS, and not via email. 

Can I change the raffle winner notifications?

No. Raffle notifications are not user modifiable. We plan to add this feature in the future however. For this reason, I suggest notifying winners manually.

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