Trigger Texting Template

Trigger Texting

The Trigger Texting Template turns every product, event, podcast, book, magazine, trade show into an interactive experience! A single campaign can capture leads, follow- up, ask questions and deliver customized videos, PDFs, inventory items, special interviews, whatever you can imagine! It’s contextual and interactive! 

This marketing machine template will:

  • Create a customized Squeeze Page highlighting your:
    • Product
    • Event
    • Podcast◊Book
    • Magazine
    • And More!
  • Create customized “Smart” Autoresponders that follow up to subscribers based on their preferences.

Pages Created: 

  • Squeeze page

Autoresponders Created:  

The auto responders that are included in the Trigger Texting Campaign Template are unique in that they are “triggered” by your subscribers’ responses.

Your squeeze page will be set up with numbers for subscribers to text, based off of which of your products they are interested in. Depending on which number they choose to text, they will receive a different autoresponder with information regarding the product that correlates to that number.

This way, subscribers will only be given information that is relevant to them, and you can funnel them accordingly.

Required Media:

  • Header Image
    • This image will be placed in the header of all your pages
    • Recommended size is 800 pixels wide by 225 pixels high
  •  Product Images
    • One Image is needed for each of your products
  •  Product Flyers
    • One flyer is needed for each of your products
    • A URL link is needed that will lead to your flyer
  •  Product Video
    • One product video is needed for each product.
    • These videos will all be displayed on your squeeze page.
    • Recommended length is between 30 seconds and 3 minutes
  •  Product Link
    • For each product, provide a URL that will take subscribers to an information page about the respective product.
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