Instant Livecast (with or without Chat) Template

Instant Livecast (with or without Chat) Template

By using Google+ Hangouts on Air to broadcast live in HD for FREE and Instant Customer for your messaging and online event hosting, you can quickly and easily create a live webcast that you control.

This template will:

  • Broadcast LIVE in HD for FREE
  • Sends reminders to boost attendance!
  • Uses your Google+ Hangouts on Air
  • Secure your broadcast with your Instant Customer Event or Membership page

Pages Created:

  • Lead Page
  • Pre Event Page
  • During Event Page
  • Post Event Page

Autoresponders Created:  There are six auto responders included in this template, comprised of four email messages, and two SMS text messages.

  • Three email messages remind subscribers about your event, with one coming a week before the event date, another an hour before the event starts, and finally a third autoresponder that is sent five minutes prior to the start time of the event. 
  • The three remaining auto responders (two SMS, one Email), are what we call “Smart” auto responders, due to the fact that they will ask subscribers to send needed information that they failed to complete in the opt in form when they subscribed.

Required Media:

You will need to upload the following to your media center:

  • Cue Point URL
    • To be shown on your event page at a specific time during your event.
    • Should be a link to your sales page.
  • Buy Button
  • Header Image
    • To be placed on your sales page.
    • Recommended size is 800w X 225h
  • Presenter Image
  • Pre-Event Video (optional)
    • Subscribers view this video on the Pre Event Page 
  • Live Event Streaming Embed Code (From Google + Hangouts on Air)
    • If you have a Google Hangout set up already, place the embed code here.
    • If not, you can always set one up after creating your campaign.
    • To change the embed code at any time, go to Edit > Customize, and put the embed code next to the {chat_embed_code} tag.
  • Link to Shopping Cart Page (optional)
  • Chat Embed Code (optional)
  • Download Link for Event Pages
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