What is Trigger Texting - Hashtag Texting - # texting

What is Trigger Texting - Hashtag Texting - # texting

bulb_dim.png Please note:   A local phone number is required for trigger texting.

Turn every product, event, podcast, book, magazine, trade show into an interactive experience!  A single campaign can capture leads, follow-up, ask questions and deliver customized videos, PDFs, inventory items, special interviews, whatever you can imagine! It is contextual and interactive!

When the user texts a unique code to the campaign’s local phone number and/or scans a QR Code, it starts the auto-responder sequence specific to that code.



Application example of Trigger Texting with Real Estate 


Each real estate property has a unique code.  The flyer for this particular real estate property instructs user to text a unique code #1834 to a local phone number (858) 412-7999.    


The autoresponder sequence specific to the code begins when the user texts the code #1834  to the campaign’s local phone number (858) 412-7999.   In this example, the user would view a listing flyer and a virtual tour. 


The user receives links to Listing Flyer, Virtual Tour Video & Trulia Listing.


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