Google Site Tracking ID - Google Analytics - IBv 3.0

Google Site Tracking ID - Google Analytics - IBv 3.0

  • First obtain your Google Analytics website Tracking ID at
  • You can visit the Google Analytics account to get useful reporting informatIon such as: audience analysis, traffic sources and conversion.
  • This information gives you a good indication as to whether or not your copy is successfully enticing people to click on your campaign pages. 

You should get a Tracking ID and tracking code.



For Instant Builder 3.0

  • Launch Instant Builder v3.0

  • Edit the page where you want to place the Tracking Code.  In most circumstances, the Lead Page.


  • Click the SEO / Header button at the top of the screen.


  • On the Analytics tab input your tracking code into the Google Analytics ID: field.


  • Select the Update Content button in bottom right hand corner.
  • bulb_dim.png   To save your changes select  Publish Page button.  
  • To discard changes select Close Builder button instead.


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