Email Broadcasts

Email Broadcasts

  Please Note: To ensure accuracy in your target audience as well as reporting; never reuse / resend a broadcast that has a status of Completed.


From the campaign dashboard click the Broadcast tab.


Now click Add Email to add an email broadcast. 



Send broadcast to:

This dropdown menu enables you to choose who you want to send your message to. Depending on your message, it may be a good idea to target a specific group of subscribers.


Enable A/B Split testing

A very useful feature of Email Broadcast is split testing. 

  • Turning split testing on enables you to write two different messages to be sent to subscribers.
  • This way you can test which subject lines and messages work, and get the most out of your broadcast.


Subject Line

  • The subject line is the first thing subscribers see. 
  • This is what entices subscribers to open the email, and read the rest of your message.
  • Think "tell", not "sell". Describe the email they are about to read, not the product you want them to buy.


Click-Through URL

  • The click-through URL allows you to track the clicks on a link in your message.
  • If you are going to be including a link in your message, put the URL of that link in this box.
  • When you add the link to your message instead of typing the url, just include {click_url} tag.





Tracking Opens

  • Switching this option on enables Instant Customer to track how many people open your email. 
  • We recommend turning on this option.  It provides crucial data to aid in development of good subject lines, which in turn increase the email open rate.



  • Tags are another great tool within Instant Customer. 
  • To add a tag to your email, simply click +{tag} and then choose which tag you wish to add into your message.
  • Instant Customer will then populate the tag with the correct information.



Allowing Replies


  • Email broadcast allows you to accept replies to your email from your subscribers.
  • This is a very useful tool.
  • Switch the button to On to view available options.
  • You can change the reply setting at any time.
  • Options are:
    1. Forwarding Replies - Forward reply to an email address.
    2. Populate Subscriber Field - Use it to populate a field. For example, if your message asks subscribers what city they live in, you can populate the "city" field with their reply.


After Receiving Reply, Send Immediate Followup Autoresponder

  • If you want to respond to the subscribers' reply, you can do that.
  • Just switch the button on the left to on, and you see a message box just like the one above. 
  • You can respond a total of four times per broadcast, putting you at five total messages to your subscriber.


Broadcast status

  • Pending - System prompts you for Execute Date & Execute Time
  • Immediate - Sends broadcast Immediately after saving.
  • Saved - Save for Later.




 Always send message.

  • ON:  If selected, the message is sent even if the field is already populated.
  • OFF: If selected field is already populated the message is skipped and the next message in the sequence is triggered.


Send a test copy of this message upon saving

  • Enter a valid email address to send a test email broadcasts message.  
  • It's always a good idea to test your message before making it live. 
  • Enter an email address for this message to go to, so you can see and experience your message exactly like a subscriber. 


Saving Your Email Broadcasts

  • When all of the components of your email Broadcasts have been set up, click Save.


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