YouTube Videocasting Not Working - YouTube Videos Not Submitting

YouTube Videocasting Not Working - YouTube Videos Not Submitting 

You may need to go through the Google 2-Step Verification Process. 

Google 2-Step Verification Process instructions:

1.  Navigate to: and click the blue Get Started button on the top right.




2.  Sign in by entering in the email account and password and clicking Sign In. 

3.  On the next page, click the blue Start Setup button.



4.  On the next page, verify that the phone # entered is the one desired and click Send code.

5.  Then, enter the code from the text or voicemail and enter it into the Enter verification code box and click the Verify button.   


6.  Ensure the box next to Trust this computer is clicked and click the Next button.


7.  Click the blue Confirm button on the next page. 




8.  2-Step Verification is now setup, but we need to add an App-Specific password. On the next page, click on the App-specific passwords tab.



9.  Then click on Manage application-specific passwords. 

10.  Click on the dropdown Select app and choose Select Other/Custom.


11.  In the box that appears type: Instant Customer and then click the blue Generate button:


12.  A window will appear with your app password. Copy/write down this password and click the blue Done button. 


13.  Click the next blue Done button and you're finished!

14.  You now need to enter that password into your IC Login Profile for YouTube validation. 



Note: This may affect other apps abilities to connect to this YouTube and Gmail account. Should this happen, simply follow the steps above to add those apps as well. A new app-specific verification code is provided.

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