Videocasting automatically submits your video to top video sites such as Vimeo (Pro), YouTube or DailyMotion.

bulb_dim.png  Please note:  You must have a Login Profile before you can create a Videocast.

1.  From the Publish section at the top of the screen select Videocasting.


2.  From the Videocasting screen click Create New Submissison.

3.  On the Broadcasting Quick Submit screen click the Videocast button.


4.   I would like to create a new: click button Videocast.  

5.  Select a submission template:(optional)

6.  Select the profile you would like to use in the drop down list.  

7.  Submitting to # video sites  - click the checkbox next to the right of the video site name

8.  Now enter in a Video Title.  

  • This should reflect specific keyword phrases you are targeting.
  • It is best practice to not include more than two phrases in a single title.  
  • The character counter indicates the maximum number of characters and displays characters remaining as you type.

9.  Now enter in the Promo URL.  

  • This is the URL you want to promote.  
  • For example: your lead page URL

10.  Now enter in your Description.  


  • The best practice is to begin your description with your desired keyword phrase.
  • Include short descriptive, keyword copy with a call to action and/or offer.  
  • Do not enter a URL in this box as some sites do not allow this.  
  • The character counter indicates the maximum number of characters and displays the number of characters remaining as you type.

11.   Now enter in your Tags.  

  • Tags help users find your video when they search the site using keywords related to your tag.
  • It is best practice to include 4-6 long-tail keywords.  
  • Long tail keywords are longer, more specific keywords that are less common, individually, but add up to account for the majority of search-driven traffic.  
  • They are the opposite of "head" terms, which are more popular or more frequently searched on.
  • For example, "dog training" is a head term, but "German Shepherd Schutzhund Training" is a long-tail keyword.

12.  Now select the Category.  YouTube & DailyMotion have different category list so review each drop down and select category for the video.



 13.  Now select a Video.

  • Select from Media Center if you have already uploaded the file.  
  • Alternatively, you can Upload a Video file.
  • Drag and Drop Uploads require time to process the video, so expect a delay of about 20 minutes.



14.  Next decide on the Submission Options.  In most cases, you want to select these options because it encourages engagement with your video post thus improving your search engine optimization it provides.

  • Allow Comments
  • Allow Embed
  • Safe Submit
  • Add Bookmark


15.  Decide when you want to submit your videopost:  Now or Later

  • Later - you can schedule to cue for later submission.  Simply select date & time would like to submit the videocast.



16.  Do you want to create a follow-up social cast?  2014-04-15_1112.png

  • SocialCast Follow-Ups are sent after the content has been posted. So a VideoCast set for 6 PM has the Social Follow-Up sent at 6:05 PM.
  • In most cases, this places a link on your various social sites promoting your videocast.  
  • Just pick the site you want to post to by selecting the checkbox.  
  • For Facebook, you can actually select the specific page you want to post to
  • Submission Message:  You can edit submission message.  
  • Submission offset time:  An offset time of at least 5 minutes is recommended, so there is ample time for video processing.
  • Lastly, decide which video sites you want to include links. 

17.  There is an option to Save this Submission as a Template.  This is useful if you only want to submit to specific sites for specific Login Profile. 

18.  Click the orange Publish button.  



19.  Now a Videocasting Submission Status is displayed.  It shows videocast Site, Staus, Processing Date, File Name and Submission ID.  You can Cancel Selected Submissions if they have not already processed. 









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